Why Invent New Lures?

From time to time (as I look at my garage full of lures and baits), the realization hits me that tackle companies keep themselves relevant by designing, manufacturing, and marketing hundreds of new lures, baits, and ancillary products each and every year.  Are new lures necessary? And, even more to the point, will they really

Burbot Bash – Are You Ready?

Ever since burbot (fresh water ling cod) were illegally introduced into Flaming Gorge Reservoir, fishery managers have attempted to control their spread and remove as many as possible.  I took the opportunity more than a decade ago to assist the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) as well as the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Wintertime White Bass

I show you how to catch winter white bass in a stream entering Utah Lake in central Utah. I use spinning tackle to fish tube jigs in white and green for hungry bass in January 2019.

“Fishing” – Not Necessarily Catching

Having heard from several readers in the past couple of weeks about challenging conditions on Strawberry Reservoir, I decided to brave the zero-degree temperatures and provide some hope for those struggling to catch fish. Ice Fishing can certainly humble the most avid anglers – including me. Moose Pond My wife, Jeri, and I visited family

A New Year For Fishing

Today (of all days) is one to reflect on the past year and plan for the future.  Although I like making a few resolutions here and there, the most important aspect of New Year’s Day (besides the bowl games) is to make solid plans to fish. Allow me to explain. As I have discovered reading

A Warm and Merry Christmas

“Though the weather here in Provo might be frightful, in St. George it’s usually delightful,  so since we’ve got somewhere to go … let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Each year, more and more of my friends and readers of this column migrate to southwestern Utah for the winter.  And, as a

Scary But Great Times on Pickwick

Fishing a new reservoir (Pickwick Lake, Alabama) and especially one so different than the lakes and reservoirs out here in the mountain states, was a daunting task. Learning to manage current, navigate the Tennessee River, and finally, catch fish in a new and challenging environment was (at times) downright scary. According to the rules, none

Alabama, Here I Come!

A 5 lb largemouth and 4 lb smallmouth caught on Pickwick Lake. This week’s column comes to you from the Shoals Marriott Resort in Florence, Alabama.  Earlier this year, I earned a slot in the B.A.S.S. Nationals, a bass fishing tournament held (in 2018) on Pickwick Lake in Alabama. Well, I say “Alabama,” but the

Overcoming Your Fear of the Cold

Ever since I began writing this column almost 19 years ago, I have tried to convince you to keep your fishing tackle, cold weather gear, and even your boats ready for late fall fishing.  I know that many of you use the first of October as the drop-dead date to store and winterize most of

Playing “God” With Our Fisheries

Sometimes (even though I feel like people are tired of my rants on assorted topics) I must once again dedicate a very pointed column to the importance of “allowing” the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) to do their jobs regardless of our personal opinions as to their effectiveness. Please allow me to explain. Starting