Take Advantage of “Skinny” Water

Water levels in most reservoirs in Utah are in free fall with the exception of Flaming Gorge which is holding steady at around 90 percent of full.  How can you take advantage of lower water levels and catch quality fish now and in the future? In Utah, it is inevitable that reservoirs will rise and

Fishing Utah Tributaries

On Saturday, July 14th, many tributaries of reservoirs all over Utah opened to fishing.  “The second Saturday in July” is the phrase (from the 2018 Fishing Guide Book published by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources), to describe when anglers can legally fish specific streams closed earlier each year due to their importance as spawning

Corn is Coming in 2019, I Think

Among the proposed changes in the fishing regulations under consideration by the RAC (Regional Advisory Councils) around the state this month is one that would allow corn to be used as bait in all Utah waters.  For a few years, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) has conducted an experiment to see if corn

Cruising the World for Fish, Part Two

In Part One of this column, I considered a question asked by many of you over the years: “Is it worth it to book fishing trips as a part of shore excursions while cruising?” After recounting my own recent experience in Mexico that had its ups and downs (wave action) to be sure, let’s take

Cruising the World for Fish – Part One

Twenty members of our immediate and extended family just returned from a short, three-day cruise from Long Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico. This cruise (a celebration of my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday) gives me the opportunity to discuss a topic on which I haven’t previously written. Many readers have asked a very interesting question: “Is it

Yellowstone National Park in Late Summer

It’s not too late to plan a fishing trip to our nation’s oldest National Park.  Readers have been wanting me to describe the fishing opportunities in Yellowstone after the kids are back in school and tourism in the park settles down a bit from a frenzied summer. First, you must understand that officials in Yellowstone

Better Late Than Never – Discovering Willard Bay

Willard Bay is a 15.5 square mile diked impoundment that most people notice as they travel along I-15 either coming or going from Idaho to maybe Brigham City or Tremonton. It boasts a state park, great marinas, camping facilities, and other amenities, and I have wanted to explore the fishing opportunities there for a very

The Best Laid Plans Often Go Astray . . .

In hopes of teaching a couple of my fishing buddies a new technique, Kirk Rasmussen and Kerry Ward joined me on a short excursion up the canyon to Deer Creek Reservoir to learn to “drop shot” for smallmouth bass. This technique has been a large part of my fishing arsenal for nearly 20 years and

Springtime Trout on Big Sand Wash

  Crazy things happen on a full moon. This is a story of two such moons that resulted in some incredible fishing for very nice trout.  The first took place a few years ago on Flaming Gorge, and the second happened last Friday on a little-known reservoir northeast of Duchesne. Since I enjoy bass fishing