Month: April 2010

The Provo River Delta Plan

Those who know me are aware that I have argued against the need to “save” the June sucker from the very beginning.  I still believe there was an intended or unintended fraud perpetrated upon us by those who “typed” this “hybrid” fish, and I’ve seen no science to disprove this statement.  That being said, good

Lake Powell Is Hot!

by Don Allphin The primary spawning period for large and smallmouth bass on Lake Powell begins during either the new moon or full moon phase when the morning surface temperature hits 57 degrees.  In 2010, the new moon phase was dominant in the Bullfrog, Halls, Wahweep, and the San Juan Arm of the Lake.  Largemouth

1st Amendment Rights Preserved

by Don Allphin My name is Don Allphin and I am an entrepreneur.  I am a writer, a real estate investor, a business consultant, photographer, and last but not least, a professional bass angler.  Early last Summer I took 10 months off, got involved in local politics and ran for Mayor of my adopted hometown,

A Good Friend With A Jig And A Pitching Stick

by Don Allphin For me, springtime on Utah Lake means quick, short fishing trips using a small boat ready to go at a moment’s notice, and sharing each adventure with a friend who is just as passionate about catching largemouth bass as I.  Bob Johnson is a neighbor of mine who I met for the