Month: November 2010

Catching Fish Is Not Like Walking A Dog

Life is hectic for most of us.  It’s a fact; we are more engaged today than we were five or 10 years ago.  And the reason?  Cell phones, computers, computer games, the Internet, DVRs, careers, kids involved in dance, martial arts, sports, and countless other activities.  So … when it comes to fishing, we may

Utah Wildlife Board approves fishing changes for 2011

Salt Lake City — You might be catching bigger largemouth and smallmouth bass in Utah in the future. On Sept. 23, 2010, members of the Utah Wildlife Board reduced the number of bass limits in Utah, from eight major limits down to two. Also, one of the limits—the one that applies to most of Utah’s

Invasive quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to our quality of life. They are small, clam-like creatures that reproduce rapidly and deplete nutrients in the water. As such, they jeopardize power and water infrastructures, damage ecosystems and destroy recreation. In 2008, the Utah State Legislature made it illegal to possess or transport invasive