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Clear Lake Tournaments — How To Win From John Pearl

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“I’m still learning. This is a very diverse lake with a lot of different kinds of structure and it receives a lot of fishing pressure too. So, it’s not just learning where to fish, it’s more a question of learning how fish behave and where they go and when, and how they position, things like that. Pressured fish act differently than un-pressured fish, so much of how I learned this lake was coming up with ideas as to where the fish move and why they move. It has taken me years to figure things out.”

Clear Lake Big Bass

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While pre-fishing for a tournament, especially on new water, keep your eyes open, for birds, bait, and even anglers fishing in areas of interest. Astute observation will shorten the learning curve and assist as you make your plan of attack to conquer a new body of water. I found myself doing exactly that on Clear […]