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Take Advantage of “Skinny” Water

Water levels in most reservoirs in Utah are in free fall with the exception of Flaming Gorge which is holding steady at around 90 percent of full.  How can you take advantage of lower water levels and catch quality fish now and in the future? In Utah, it is inevitable that reservoirs will rise and

The Best Laid Plans Often Go Astray . . .

In hopes of teaching a couple of my fishing buddies a new technique, Kirk Rasmussen and Kerry Ward joined me on a short excursion up the canyon to Deer Creek Reservoir to learn to “drop shot” for smallmouth bass. This technique has been a large part of my fishing arsenal for nearly 20 years and

Springtime Jerkbaits — Learn By Video

  Instead of describing how a jerkbait is thrown, retrieved, and "twitched," all you have to do is watch a video.  The words (in my posts) will come to life and you will be able to see the lures, watch the casts, witness the hook sets, and take a look at the fish when they