Month: February 2010

Find Heaven On Ice

by Don Allphin February 22, 2010 Most anglers pass through several stages in their fishing lives, and I am no different. When ice fishing was a new concept here in Utah, I was “Donnie on the spot,” excited be able to fish in the wintertime, and spent a lot of time learning the sport. Then,

The Key To Success Through The Ice

  by Don Allphin February 22, 2010 Readers sometimes get frustrated when they ask my advice on when, where, and how to catch fish through the ice. I tell them exactly what to do, the baits to use, the depths to try, and the structure to use to target the fish, but sometimes they still

The Green River In February

by Don Allphin When Gary Winterton of “Hooked on Utah” invited me to accompany him on a little fly fishing adventure to the Green River last week, little did we realize that a wading trip would quickly turn into a full-blown float trip through the “A” section of the Green River from just under Flaming