Better Late Than Never – Discovering Willard Bay

Willard Bay is a 15.5 square mile diked impoundment that most people notice as they travel along I-15 either coming or going from Idaho to maybe Brigham City or Tremonton. It boasts a state park, great marinas, camping facilities, and other amenities, and I have wanted to explore the fishing opportunities there for a very

The Best Laid Plans Often Go Astray . . .

In hopes of teaching a couple of my fishing buddies a new technique, Kirk Rasmussen and Kerry Ward joined me on a short excursion up the canyon to Deer Creek Reservoir to learn to “drop shot” for smallmouth bass. This technique has been a large part of my fishing arsenal for nearly 20 years and

Springtime Trout on Big Sand Wash

  Crazy things happen on a full moon. This is a story of two such moons that resulted in some incredible fishing for very nice trout.  The first took place a few years ago on Flaming Gorge, and the second happened last Friday on a little-known reservoir northeast of Duchesne. Since I enjoy bass fishing

Fishing in the Rain

At times, Mother Nature pulls a fast one and closes one window and opens another at the same time.  Such was the case last week, when rain, snow, and wind in the high country kept me from a planned trip to Strawberry and forced me to stay closer to home. Determined to fish somewhere, I

Springtime Jerkbaits — Learn By Video

  Instead of describing how a jerkbait is thrown, retrieved, and "twitched," all you have to do is watch a video.  The words (in my posts) will come to life and you will be able to see the lures, watch the casts, witness the hook sets, and take a look at the fish when they

“Northerns” in the Night

Late Sunday evening, (during the snowstorm) I took a walk on the Provo River Trail (flashlight in hand) to look for fish coming up the river.  It was dark, cold, and a biting wind cut through several layers of clothing.  I enjoy this time of year near the Provo River; the river isn’t too swift,

Target Walleyes – a Great Tasting Treat

A reader asks: “I remember the days on Utah Lake when we could catch walleyes almost every night in the early spring.  We love to eat walleyes but where can I go nowadays to be sure to have a chance at catching some?  And, is it even worth it to try for walleyes?” First, there